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about bcd3
"third times a charm!"

The Behind Closed Doors series has been going from strength to strength; over the previous two volumes we've featured heavy hitters such as Beat Butcha, FS Green, Sir OJ, Kelakovski, Apatight, Kelakovski, Jon Phonics, S-TYPE, The Last Skeptik and more. It's found it's way into homes worldwide reaching as far as Japan, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and of course all over North America/Canada and Europes. This proves the BCD platform is far reaching and that the world is listening/watching those in the forefront of hiphop production and beat culture. Hordes of beatmakers worldwide are tuning into the DVD series as a source of knowldge, inside info and inspiration that they can turn back into creating their own music.
A little over 5 months into BCD2 being on sale (during 2010), AB0181 and Kosyne once again got itchy feet and linked up again to plot the sequel to the sequel; a third instalment of the BCD series that serves as producer inspiration and enlightenment to beatmakers and music fans across the world.
This time round the pair set their sights on a pilgrimage to the country that birthed hiphop USA! with the aid of Slopfunkdust and his well connected Beatfanatic network of producers we were able to touch base with some of the hottest hiphop production talent over in the US; they also reached out to more producers in the UK and Germany to create a bumper third instalment of the series!
Still not sold? no problem! navigate your way through the BCD site and watch clips from BCD3, previous instalments and read up on the profiles of the producers we featured for our third go round and even download some free music!

Behind Closed Doors Volume 3 :: (c) AB0181 / LouisDen 2012